Fees are set by the club each year by the club executive based on total costs and funds available through the casino.

As a reference only, the fees for the past two seasons were: $2,500 for 2018 and $3,250 for the 2017 (including taxes), which covered ALL expenses for the entire season.

Fees are due in two payments: one in January and one in February

Elite West fee cover the cost of:

- training (training facility rental, volleyballs, specialized volleyball equipment, coaching honoraria)
- athletic medical supplies (tape & all medical kit supplies)
uniforms (competition uniforms, warm-up clothing, team bags)
competitions (tournament fees, coaching staff expenses, accommodations for players & coaches)

Transportation costs to get athletes to the tournaments are extra, for example transportation to Edmonton tournaments and nationals in Regina, in May 2019.

Our gear is like our flag - it is ours, it has our colours, & it needs to be treated with respect. Players are responsible for all club-issued items for the entire season (track suits, bags, jerseys, shorts, etc.). If a player loses an item of club-issued gear, he is responsible for replacing it to ensure we are able to move forward.

Ankle protection (braces, etc.) & kneepads are mandatory.