Playing Time

We will strive to give every athlete a chance to be a starter.

Each player will earn every minute of playing time they get. We do not guarantee equal playing time. We thrive on a culture of accountability & reward. They will know that if they play, it will be because they earned it & no one gave it to them. We will provide every player with an opportunity to earn court time.

Development occurs in practice and playing time is earned in practice. Each & every practice a player misses gives someone else the opportunity to improve & take his position, so it is in the player's best interest to be at each & every practice session.

If a player cannot make a practice session, he is expected to contact a coach ASAP, as practice plans are made well in advance.

We believe that our team will be competitive. We will strive to play our entire roster in round robin matches, & when we get into situations where we are focusing on winning - like tournament playoffs, we will put in the boys that will give our team the best opportunity to be successful.

Throughout the season, there is a chance that your son may be playing a position that he doesn’t necessarily like, but we will need your support as he contributes his role to our team.

We will hold a players' meeting after matches. After the meeting, they are all yours again.

If you have questions of the coaching staff, we would ask that you observe the “24-hour rule”, i.e. that you only approach the coach after a 24-hour wait period.