We truly believe that the family is the most important institution in the lives of these young men, and that family events are more important than sport events. We ask that you are considerate of the rest of the team and let a coach know when you will miss any team event as soon as possible. We know that there will be times when we coaches too will miss, either for family or other commitments.

We need all of you to know that our personal values/priorities in life will be the foundation of how we coach, and the expectations we have for the boys.

Since Elite West will play an extremely important role in the volleyball career of these players as they transition to post-secondary rosters, we understand that our priority is to develop athletes for the next stage of their career, NOT to win games.

We attempt to ensure that each player will be aware of his gifts, and will be given opportunities to develop and contribute those gifts to our team. We focus on execution, process and accountability.

At the heart of our goals is that of being a positive impact on our players as young men. We may not win every game, but we will be the classiest players, coaches, and parents in every game we play.

Our team values:

PASSION, as displayed in ‘participating with joy’ as we celebrate each other’s success.

COMMITMENT, as displayed with ‘accountability in all walks of life’.

COMMITMENT TO GROWTH, as displayed through consistent maximum effort, on and off the court. 

COMPETITIVE SPIRIT, as displayed with ‘controlled and confident intensity’.

OPENNESS, TRUST, and CARE FOR THE TEAM, as displayed through ‘being honest in all interactions’.

HOLDS TEAMMATES ACCOUNTABLE, as displayed by holding their teammates accountable because they have already been modelling the team first attitude.