It all started when...

Elite West has developed a system of development that we know works, because this is the culture that our club has built over its 39 years of successful elite development under the direction of our founder,  Brad Kilb.

Our vision is to provide an environment which will allow every individual athlete to identify and develop his unique gifts, both as a volleyball player and a person. We will strive to position that player to enable him to exercise those gifts for the benefit of the team and show him that personal success will be achieved by our development and execution as a team.

With our commitment to providing the best environment possible for team and player development, Elite West will field one elite boys’ team. We will commit to a 3-year cycle, beginning at U16 and ending with an 18U team. Every year we will select 10-15 players who wish to be part of our vision. There are NO guarantees to players on a year-to-year basis.


Our coaching staff firmly believes that this volleyball experience is TOTALLY about the development of the boys. It is NOT about winning, making the all-star team, elevating the social status of parents, nor increasing the reputation of the coaches. We endeavour to create an atmosphere for elite young men to grow & enjoy the highest competitive level of volleyball. We will strive to develop each boy individually and we will give him a chance to learn & play this game to the best of his ability. Being the best in any walk of life isn’t about being the most talented; it’s about adopting the mental framework & practice habits that best suit the individuals. As coaches we will build a long-term development plan for our team. In this plan, we will build a plan for each athlete which will be directly tied into team success and which will lead to his individual development. We will select players to represent Elite West with a particular role in mind.

Our philosophy is centred around these core objectives:

Individual Technical Development: We will build the technical skills of our players & advance them to higher levels of execution. ‘Deliberate Practice’ requires that we identify certain sharply defined elements of performance that need to be improved, & then work intently on them.

Individual Tactical Development: We must advance the tactical intelligence (volleyball IQ) of our players so that they are able to fully utilize the technical skill that they develop. We believe that this game is more mental than physical as players advance in their career, & we will relentlessly address this area of growth.

Developing Our Team Culture: We will work hard to get our boys ‘to buy into’ our team culture. Our culture will grow as we all adhere to player-centered standards. The more we coach, the more we are convinced that “the team’s culture is not the most important thing, it’s the only thing”. Our culture must be challenging, but realistic this season. We believe that our culture must begin with a vision that our players & coaches establish together, & that will build essential building blocks of future seasons.

Quality contacts are essential to any athlete’s development. We will analyze the gaps between current performance & what’s required to achieve mastery; break down the skills into specific skill chunks; & commit to the process of deliberate practice to improve with each repetition during practice. Over time, this commitment will bring mastery in our sport. We are fine with your son getting coaching from whomever you see fit, as long as we co-ordinate our efforts.

When we travel both in Canada and internationally, we expect our players and coaches to be representatives and ambassadors of our club, and to conduct themselves accordingly, both in their language and their actions.

There will be zero tolerance for alcohol & illegal drug use by players at all Elite West events.


We will RESPECT the human dignity of every team-mate, coach, official & opposition – on & off the court.

We will seek to believe in, trust & care for each other at all times in all ways.

We will CELEBRATE success with humility & learn from disappointment with grace.

We will be ACCOUNTABLE for executing our own job, with no excuses or laying blame.

We will look each other in the eye as we COMMUNICATE as we support our team-mates & coaches.

We will strive to GROW & improve our God-given gifts through focused hard work as we embrace our gifts & gain strength from them.

We will celebrate DIVERSITY as we joyfully accept our unique contributions & roles within our team.

We will be willing to SERVE our team as we contribute our talents to the success of the entire TEAM, rather than self-enhancement.

We will CHALLENGE our athletes in every practice & competition to focus on the process of developing into a complete player, rather than on the result.

We will DISCIPLINE. Know your job, do your job. Know our system, trust the system. Make the plan, work the plan.

We believe that SWEARING is neither a sign of maturity, nor respect. As a result, we will insist that swearing is not part of our culture.