Parent Involvement

We believe that the biggest role of the parent is to be a constant source of encouragement.  These boys need to hear that you enjoyed watching them & you hope that they had fun.  Our biggest expectation for you is to help him to enjoy his journey in club volleyball with Elite West.

We would like you to help us train these boys to have the responsibility for arriving at the court ready to perform. That means ensuring that they are on time; have all of their equipment & water; & be nourished & rested for our training/competition.

We feel it is key to empower our athletes to take responsibility for themselves, & we feel it is crucial that they become the focal point of the communication regarding their role & development with the team. Our thought in this regard is to have them be the liaison between us & you.

Regular Ongoing Roles for Parents:

- Executive roles, x 3 parents.

- Other roles: Website manager, recording & posting videos, food at tournaments, help organize travel, social coordinator for parents to get to know each other & Casino manager.

Casino Information

Our club raises funds through running a casino. Every parent is expected to volunteer to help run our casinos.

Our casinos run once every two years. All the details and signups, etc are organized through a parent volunteer